Chicago Bears Sign TJ Edwards to 3-Year, $19.5 Million Deal

Chicago Bears Sign TJ Edwards to 3-Year, $19.5 Million Deal
Eagles LB T.J. Edwards Kate Frese/Phillyvoice

The Chicago Bears have made a significant addition to their linebacker corps, signing TJ Edwards to a three-year, $19.5 million deal. This move comes in the wake of a lackluster 2021 season where the Bears’ defense underperformed.

Edwards is a talented linebacker who has demonstrated his proficiency in making plays at the NFL level. He participated in collegiate football during his academic tenure at the esteemed University of Wisconsin, where he exemplified excellence as a player for the Badgers football team. Edwards was an absolute force at Wisconsin, amassing 366 tackles in 50 games.

Following his exclusion from the 2019 NFL Draft selection, Edwards secured a contract as an unrestricted free agent with the esteemed Philadelphia Eagles. With his noteworthy contributions to the special teams, he swiftly earned his rightful place in the active roster of the Eagles. During his two-year stint with the Eagles, he prominently featured in 27 games, taking charge as a starter in 10 of them. Edwards accumulated a commendable record of 110 tackles, in addition to two sacks and two interceptions, while serving in Philadelphia.

The inclusion of Edwards on the Bears’ roster provides much-needed depth to the linebacker position. Anticipated to contend with established players such as Roquan Smith and Danny Trevathan for the coveted starting position, Edwards brings his unique skill set to the table. Endowed with the ability to serve in diverse roles, including those of an inside and outside linebacker, Edwards is suitably equipped to function as a dynamic defender for the Bears. He possesses the capacity to make critical plays at all corners of the field, thereby elevating his performance as a defender.

The Bears’ defense encountered problems in 2021, ranking in the bottom half of the league in both total defense and scoring defense. By signing Edwards, the Bears hope to improve on those metrics in 2022. His proficiency in stopping the run and defending against the pass will be pivotal to the Bears’ success in the upcoming season.

Apart from his on-field abilities, Edwards is renowned for his leadership and work ethic. He was a team captain at Wisconsin and earned a captaincy with the Eagles in the 2021 season. Edwards’ unwavering dedication to the game and his team members renders him an invaluable asset to the Bears. His exemplary conduct both on and off the field amplifies his worth as a potential addition to the team.

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