Ryan Garcia Net Worth 2023, Wiki, Bio, Personal Life, Boxing Career, Career Earning, and More

Ryan Garcia Net Worth 2023, Wiki, Bio, Boxing Career, Career Earning, Personal life, Ryan Garcia Instagram, Ryan Garcia Twitter, Ryan Garcia Facebook
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Net Worth:$20 million
Full Name:Ryan Garcia
Date of Birth:Aug 8, 1998
Place of Birth:United States of America
Age (As on 2023}:24 year old
Height:5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Zodiac Sign:Leo
Profession:Professional Boxer

Ryan Garcia is a super heavy weight and lightweight prizefighter who’s considered one of the most marketable professional prizefighters in the world.

His distinctive style of incredibly fast hands and cat- suchlike revulsion has made him a delicate opponent to overcome in the ring. 

Ryan gained a lot of traction after subscribing a huge deal with Golden Boy elevations with utmost of his income coming from his prize plutocrat and social media deals.

As of March 2023, Ryan Garcia’s net worth is estimated to be$ 20 Million.

Early Life

 Ryan Garcia was born August 8, 1998, in Victorville, California.

 Ryan’s parents are Henry and Lisa Garcia and he’s the family of three sisters, Sasha, Demi, and Kayla, as well as a youngish family, Sean Garcia, also a prizefighter.

 Garcia first started training at the age of 7, with boxing being a big part of Ryan’s early life, as his father was a boxing coach and his uncle, Sergio, a professional prizefighter.

 Once Ryan started boxing as an amateur, there was no stopping him, and he soon came the stylish prizefighter in his family.

 After dominating the amateur competitions he entered, he decided to turn professional when he turned 17.

Ryan Garcia Net Worth 2023, Wiki, Bio, Boxing Career, Career Earning, Personal life, Ryan Garcia Instagram, Ryan Garcia Twitter, Ryan Garcia Facebook
Photo: @Kingry Source: Instagram


His debut as a professional prizefighter was against Edgar Meza in Tijuana, whom he defeated.

With his emotional performance, Ryan caught the eye of Golden Boy elevations and inked his first contract with the company, joining Daniel Jacobs there.

With the new establishment supporting him, Ryan began to rise snappily through the species, egging him to subscribe on for an redundant 5 times, which redounded in amulti-million-dollar contract.

Ryan decided to challenge Romero Duno for the WBC Silver Lightweight title and eventually defeated him, winning his first functionary professional title.

After a string of successes, Ryan met his first big challenge, facing Olympic Gold Medalist, Luke Campbell, in 2021.

The two went head- to- head for the interim WBC lightweight title but, unfortunately, Ryan suffered the first knockdown of his professional career during the alternate round.

He made a quick comeback, eventually defeating Campbell and getting the WBC lightweight champion.

Unfortunately, Ryan lost his new title to the IBF super featherweight champion, Joseph Diaz, latterly in the time.

Ryan challenged Joseph to a match to recapture his title, but the match was laid over as he’d suffered a hand injury.

He returned the ensuing time and challenged Emmanuel Tagoe, whom he knocked down during the alternate round.

Ryan’s most recent match in 2022, included his memorable palm against Javier Fortuna in which he defeated his opponent in the 6th round via a TKO.

Ryan Garcia’s Career Earnings

With his 8.9 million follow count on Instagram and further on other social media platforms, Ryan can benefit through his social media game alone.

He’s earned the surname “ The Flash ” due to his speedy boxing capacities and his photogenic good aesthetics help to increase his follower count across multiple platforms.

Ryan Garcia Net Worth 2023, Wiki, Bio, Boxing Career, Career Earning, Personal life, Ryan Garcia Instagram, Ryan Garcia Twitter, Ryan Garcia Facebook
Source: @instagram Ryan Garcia

 Then’s an estimated overview of Ryan Garcia’s periodic income

  • Ryan Garcia’s Salary In 2015 –$,500,000
  • Ryan Garcia’s Salary In 2016 –$750,000
  • Ryan Garcia’s Salary In 2017 –$ 1 million
  • Ryan Garcia’s Salary In 2018 –$ 5 million
  • Ryan Garcia’s Salary In 2019 –$ 2 million
  • Ryan Garcia’s Salary In 2020 –$ 1 million
  • Ryan Garcia’s Salary In 2021 –$2.5 million
  • Ryan Garcia’s Salary In 2022 –$ 5 million

 He’s presently rated as the sixth-stylish lightweight in the world by The Ring magazine.

 The international Boxing Rankings Board and ESPN also rate him as number 6th on the transnational featherlight boxing canon, while BoxRec rates him slightly lower at number 10.

Ryan Garcia’s Net Worth Annually

When Garcia won his lightweight title in 2019, he was billed as aco-main event with the Canelo Álvarezvs. Sergey Kovalev fight.

The fight took place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on the Las Vegas strip, Garcia ended Duno’s chances with a first- round knockout.

Ryan Garcia Net Worth 2023, Wiki, Bio, Boxing Career, Career Earning, Personal life, Ryan Garcia Instagram, Ryan Garcia Twitter, Ryan Garcia Facebook
Photo: @Kingry Source: @instagram Ryan Garcia

Then’s a breakdown of Ryan Garcia’s periodic net worth

  • Ryan Garcia’s Net Worth In 2015 –$ 1 million
  • Ryan Garcia’s Net Worth In 2016 –$ 2 million
  • Ryan Garcia’s Net Worth In 2017 –$3.5 million
  • Ryan Garcia’s Net Worth In 2018 –$4.2 million
  • Ryan Garcia’s Net Worth In 2019 –$6.5 million
  • Ryan Garcia’s Net Worth In 2020 –$ 8 million
  • Ryan Garcia’s Net Worth In 2021 –$ 10 million
  • Ryan Garcia’s Net Worth In 2022 –$ 12 million

When Garcia met Campbell in the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, he was knocked for the first time in his professional career in the alternate round.

He recovered well and over the course of the fight softened up his opponent, transferring him to the oil with a ruinous body shot in the seventh round.

Personal Life

Ryan is presently not wedded but has a son from a former relationship with Catherine Gamez.

The couple’s relationship came to an end once their son Ryelie Garcia was born in 2019. After settling matters similar as child support in court, Ryan eventually decided to start dating again.

He started to date Drea Celina, who ended up giving birth to another son of Ryans named Bela Garcia in 2020.

There have been rumors that the two may still be together, but Ryan prefers to keep his family life private and down from the media.

You can follow Ryan’s sanctioned Twitter account , Sanctioned Facebook Account or sanctioned Instagram account to see what he’s getting up to now.

Ryan also has a massive following on his sanctioned TikTok account, where you can catch a regard into his everyday life.

Awards & Achievements

After Garcia was listed to fight Javier Fortuna in the 2021 defense of his WBC interim lightweight title, Ryan blazoned that he was withdrawing from the fight.

He took time off to manage his health and was stripped of his title, only for Diaz to be culminated after beating Fortuna.

Then are a many of the most significant events in Ryan Garcia’s career

Ryan was named the 12th most marketable athlete in the world by SportsPro in 2020.

He was ranked the 6th stylish lightweight in the world by Ring Magazine in 2020.

In 2011, Ryan won a tableware order at the World Amateur Boxing Crowns.

He won the National Golden Gloves Championship three times as an amateur between 2009 and 2011.

Ryan also earned the Youth Worlds Gold Medal in 2016.

In October 2021, Garcia was ready to fight Fortuna for the title again but ended up canceling due to a hand injury.

In July 2022, Garcia eventually got his vengeance, knocking Fortuna down three times during their super lightweight fight in California, earning a TKO in the 6th round.

How Does Ryan Garcia Spend His plutocrat?

Not only does Ryan box but he also paid out$,000 in a bet involving Gervonta Davis and Rolly Romero in 2022.

He ended up spending a large quantum of his net worth on a manse located in Porter Ranch which he bought for$3.1 million.

Ryan owns some of the most precious buses in the world, having bought a Ferrari a many times back and most lately a Porsche 911 Carrera GTS.

Garcia fought Fortuna in a Gucci outfit and was also seen in Gymshark wear due to his media relationship with the brand.

He joins Lil Pump and Young Thug as the new generation of iconic celebrities wearing designed brands ’ rearmost creations.

700 Million Deal?

In September of 2019, Ryan’s protagonist, Oscar De La Hoya, revealed that he intended to help the over- and- adventurer sign an unknown$ 700 million contract. At the time Oscar believed that Ryan had the capability to come” the biggest star boxing has ever seen, hands down.” The$ 700 million deal would nearly double the$ 365 million deal that De La Hoya landed for Saul Alvarez. It noway came clear if any similar massive deal ever came real.

That same month, Garcia’s contract with Golden Boy was extended on a new five- time deal, but the terms weren’t bared.


After treating himself to his new Porsche after his defeat of Braulio Rodriguez, Ryan will most probably not be seen driving his Audi RS Seven or Lamborghini relatively as important.

Then are some of the stylish highlights of Ryan Garcia’s career:

  • Ryan made his debut as a professional prizefighter at the age of 17 after defeating Edgar Meza in 2016.
  • In 2018 he won both the NABC and WBO NABO super featherweight titles after his palm gainst Jayson Velez.
  • He defeated Miguel Carrizoza and won the NABF Junior super featherweight title in 2017.
  • In recent times, Ryan fought for the super lightweight title against Javier Fortuna and won in 2022.
  • Ryan defeated Olympic Gold Medalist Luke Campbell and won the WBC lightweight title in 2021.

Garcia became the first American prizefighter to ever appear in a Gatorade crusade in 2021 after subscribing a deal to appear in TV announcements for the sports drink.

Garcia features in some announcements alongside an NBA basketball player Damian Lillard who’s also a popular over- and- coming star athlete.

The sports drink company has made an trouble to bring athletes like Jrue Holiday, Eli Manning, and Cam Newton into their announcements to attract a youngish crowd.


“ King ” Ryan has made a huge impact on the boxing world and has made his family proud with his performances so far.

With his positive station and great relations with his suckers, he has created a remarkable social media profile for himself, which continues to grow daily.

Being only 24 times old, Ryan still has a long way to go to prove his title as the king of the square circle.

He has been dominating his opponents in his professional career and we look forward to seeing what differently he’ll achieve.

As of March 2023, Ryan Garcia’s net worth is estimated to be$ 20 Million.

Interesting Facts about Ryan Garcia

  • In 2005, when Ryan was only 7 times old, he started boxing training for his first fight.
  • Ryan inked on with the Golden Boy elevations in 2016.
  • He made his debut with Golden Boy elevations at The Forum in 2016.
  • In 2021, Ryan suffered a serious hand injury and took time off from boxing.
  • He returned in 2022 to master former IBO lightweight champion Tagoe.

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