Tiger Woods Net Worth 2023, Age, Career, Wife

Tiger Woods is a renowned figure in the world of sports, and his name needs no introduction. He has cemented his place as one of the most dominant athletes of his era, achieving numerous titles and accolades during his illustrious career. however, his achievement isn’t simply restricted to the golf course, as he is also identified as one of the wealthiest athletes globally, with an amazing net worth estimated to be in the hundreds of millions.

This article targets to delve deeper into Tiger Woods’ net worth in 2023, his outstanding career, personal and professional life, his diverse business ventures, and his financial journey. We will have a look at his achievements, challenges, and the lessons we can learn from his journey to the top.

Tiger Woods Net Worth 2023
Image: TANNEN MAURY/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock
Net Worth 2023:$1.7 Billion
Full Name:Eldrick Tont Woods
Date of Birth:December 30, 1975
Place of Birth:Cypress, California
Age (As of 2023):47 years old
Height:6 feet 1 inch (185 cms)
Zodiac Sign:Capricorn
Profession:Golfer and Author

Tiger Woods Net Worth 2023

Tiger Woods net worth 2023 is to be around $1.7 billion, according to Forbes estimates, which solidifies his status as one of the most accomplished and recognizable athletes worldwide. Despite enduring numerous obstacles throughout his career, Woods’ success has remained unwavering.

In 2020, Celebrity Net Worth disclosed Woods’ net worth to be $800 million. However, recent years have been tumultuous, including a near-fatal car accident in 2021 that resulted in Woods being hospitalized for three weeks, followed by several months of recovery and rehabilitation. Despite the challenging circumstances, Woods’ net worth has significantly increased, placing him in the exclusive league of billionaire athletes.

The Rise of Tiger Woods Net Worth

The colossal expansion of Tiger Woods’ net worth resources commenced during the twilight of the nineties (late 1990) and the dawn of the new millennium (early 2000s), a time when he asserted his dominance over the sport of golf. He inked numerous lucrative agreements with high-profile sponsors, including a whopping $40 million deal with Nike, and ascended to the apex of global athletic notoriety.

According to Forbes, by 2009, Tiger Woods’ amassed fortune had soared to an astounding estimated net worth of $600 million. Alas, his personal life was struck by a devastating blow in that same year when the media reported on his illicit extramarital relationships. Woods was forced to take an indefinite hiatus from golf, and subsequently lost a slew of endorsement deals, resulting in a severe plummet in his financial standings.

Early Life and Education

Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods was born on December 30, 1975, in Cypress, California. His father, Earl Woods, was a retired lieutenant colonel in the United States Army and served in the Vietnam War. His mother, Kultida Woods, is of Thai, Chinese, and Dutch ancestry. Tiger was nicknamed “Tiger” by his father in honor of a Vietnamese soldier who saved his life during the Vietnam War.

Woods was introduced to golf at the age of two by his father. By the age of three, he was already shooting in the 48s for nine holes.  He showed prodigious talent at a young age and became a dominant junior golfer. Woods attended Western High School in Anaheim, California, where he was an excellent student-athlete. At the age of six, he won three consecutive U.S. Junior Amateur Titles from 1991 to 1993 and was the youngest ever to achieve this feat.

College Career

Tiger Woods, a prodigious golfer, was the recipient of a golf scholarship that enabled him to attend the prestigious Stanford University where he opted to major in economics. During his tenure at the university, he continued to exhibit his exceptional golfing prowess. Notably, he managed to clinch the highly-coveted U.S. Amateur Championship an incredible three times consecutively between the years 1994 and 1996.

Additionally, his golfing dexterity enabled him to emerge victorious in the NCAA individual golf championship in 1996. It was this exceptional feat that earned him the title of the College Player of the Year, a remarkable achievement indeed! Furthermore, his exceptional golfing ability saw him make history by becoming the youngest U.S. Junior Amateur champion in history.  

Tiger Woods Golf Career

Woods’ professional golf career has been nothing quick of phenomenal. Tiger Woods became an expert in 1996, and his impact on the game became instantaneous. In 1997, he won his first major championship, the Masters, through a record-breaking 12 strokes. This victory catapulted him to stardom, and he has become an international icon. Woods went directly to dominate golf during the late 1990s and early 2000s, winning several tournaments and major championships.

Tiger Woods Net Worth 2023
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In 2008, Woods won the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines with a damaged leg, cementing his popularity as one of the hardest competitors in the game. However, his career hit a roadblock in 2009 while he was involved in a highly publicized scandal. Woods’ extramarital affairs have been exposed, and he took a hiatus from golf to deal with personal issues. He back to golf in 2010 but struggled to recapture his form.

Woods’ career was rejuvenated in 2018 when he won the Tour Championship, his first tournament victory in 5 years. He accompanied this with a historic comeback victory at the 2019 Masters, his first major win in 11 years.

Awards and Honors

Tiger Woods has gained numerous awards and honors throughout his career. He has won a complete of eighty-two PGA Tour Titles, which is tied for the most all-time with Sam Snead. Woods has additionally won 15 most important championships that are second only to Jack Nicklaus’ 18. Woods has additionally been a dominant pressure in global competitions. He has been a member of the U.S. Ryder Cup team on eight occasions and has helped lead the team to victory on seven of those occasions. He also won the Vardon Trophy, eight times and Byron Nelson Award, nine times in his career, which is a record.

Woods has also represented the United States in the Presidents Cup on nine occasions and has been a playing captain two times. Woods additionally received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the United States, from President Donald Trump in 2019.

Tiger Woods Endorsements

Tiger Woods remained a popular figure in the world of golf and continued to earn millions of dollars in endorsements. He has had endorsement deals with companies such as Nike, Rolex, Bridgestone, TaylorMade, Gatorade, American Express, Asahi, General Mills (Wheaties), Golf Digest, Gillette, Accenture, Tag Heuer, AT&T, EA Sports, NetJets, Upper Deck, TLC Laser Eye Centers and Buick, among others.

In 2020, Woods signed a multi-year endorsement deal with the video game company 2K. He also serves as a brand ambassador for Hero MotoCorp, a motorcycle manufacturer based in India.

Business Ventures

Woods has also been involved in numerous business ventures all through his career. He founded the Tiger Woods Foundation in 1996, whose objective was to provide academic opportunities to underserved youth. He additionally has his own golf course design company, TGR Design, which has designed courses everywhere in the world. Further, Woods has his own restaurant, The Woods, which is located in Jupiter, Florida

Tiger Woods Career Earning Chart

Tiger Woods Net Worth 2023
Image Date Credit: Spotrac

The total career earnings of Tiger Woods’ is $1.7 billion, as of this writing.

The Tiger Woods Foundation, Charity Work, and Philanthropy

Tiger Woods is also recognized for his philanthropic work. Tiger and his father, Earl, started the TGR foundation again in 1996. It first set out with the aim of helping children play the sport. however 27 years later, the foundation now goals to teach children on all fronts. They provide college and career programs to students and have, to date, helped turn around more than 2 million students’ lives. They similarly have one of the highest graduation rates among scholarship programs in the united states of America, at 98%.

Tiger Woods Net Worth 2023, Tiger Woods Foundation, TGR
Image: TGR

The Woods Foundation moreover hosts charity activities and additionally sponsors golf events on the PGA tour to elevate cash for numerous charitable ventures. The most famous tournaments among them are the Genesis Invitational and the Hero world challenge.

Similar to his foundation, Woods has also supported numerous other charities and causes throughout his career.

Personal Life

Tiger Woods’ personal life has been the challenge of extreme media scrutiny through the years. He married Swedish model Elin Nordegren in 2004, and the couple had two children collectively. Woods and Nordegren’s first baby was a girl born in 2007, which they named Sam Alexis Woods and their son, Charlie Axel Woods, was born in 2009.

Tiger Woods Net Worth 2023, Tiger Woods wife, elin nordegren
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Divorce Settlement with Elin Nordegren

An infidelity scandal involving Woods’ extramarital affairs rocked the couple in 2009 and ultimately led to the end of their marriage with Elin Nordegren, in 2010. With the controversy surrounding Tiger’s divorce from Elin Nordegren, his game and his relationships with sponsors have suffered, costing him tens of millions in potential income. He additionally paid Elin $100 million worth of belongings which include cash and real estate.

Tiger Woods Social Media

Social Media PlatformFollowers/Subscribers
Instagram (@tigerwoods)3.2 million
Twitter (@TigerWoods)6.6 million
Facebook (@Tiger)3.2 million
WebsiteClick Here
TGR Foundation WebsiteClick Here

Tiger Woods’ Car Accidents

Woods, unfortunately, has had a harrowing experience when it comes to vehicular incidents. The renowned golfer has encountered not one, not; however, three separate car accidents, each with the potential to endanger his life. The preliminary collision happened back in 2009 when the sportsman lost control of his SUV and collided with a fire hydrant, right after departing his Floridian estate. His injuries were deemed “grave,” and he was rendered subconscious for a staggering six minutes.

Fast forward to 2017, and Woods become found in a state of inebriation behind the wheel of his Mercedes-Benz, leading to his detainment by the authorities on suspicion of DUI. It was determined that there was a minor collision previous to his discovery by the police.

Most recently, in February of 2021, Woods was once again involved in a vehicle accident. due to excessive speed, his car careened off the street, with no other parties involved. The outcomes had been dire, with the golfing maestro sustaining a couple of injuries to his right leg and ankle, as well as further harm to his back. To remedy these afflictions, he had to go through numerous surgical procedures, and his healing remains ongoing. Regardless of this, Woods demonstrated his sheer willpower and resilience by participating in significant championships, in 2022.


In conclusion, Tiger Woods is one of the most accomplished and recognizable athletes in the world. Tiger Woods’ net worth is a testament to his achievement as a golfer and businessman. In spite of dealing with numerous setbacks during his career, he has constantly managed to bounce back and continue to be at the top of his game, through his philanthropic work and contributions.


1. What is Tiger Woods’ net worth?

Tiger Woods’ net worth is estimated to be around $1.7 billion.

2. What is the Salary of Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods earns an estimated salary of $50 Million per Year.

3. How many Major championships has Tiger Woods won?

Tiger Woods has won 15 Major championships.

4. When did Tiger Woods turn professional?

Tiger Woods turned professional in 1996.

5. Has Tiger Woods won any awards?

Yes, Tiger Woods has won numerous awards throughout his career, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

6. What happened to Tiger Woods in 2009?

Tiger Woods was involved in a highly publicized scandal involving his extramarital affairs, which led to a hiatus from golf to deal with personal issues.

7. What is the name of Tiger Woods’s Wife?

Tiger Woods Wife name is Elin Nordegren (m. 2004-2010)

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